Private Training and Small Group Courses

At Wink Lash Products and Eyla Academy located in Orange County, Ca we believe that the best way to develop, improve, and perfect your eyelash artistry and skill is to learn in an environment where your training is tailored towards your specific needs and goals. This is why we offer small group and one-on-one trainings geared towards creating an individualized and personalized experience for you to become the best lash artist that YOU can be. Throughout your training you will work side by side with lash professional Megan Bradley. With over fourteen year of experience, this well structured curriculum offers the best education in sanitation, application, eye design and all of the tips and tricks you will need to know about about the lash industry. Take advantage of the benefits of this individualized training and lifetime mentorship by applying below. 

*licensing required according to State or Country if applicable 

Beginners Classic Lash Training-  This training course is designed for students new to the eyelash extension industry with no previous experience. The Classic Lash training course will cover all of the fundamentals of the eyelash extensions and how to properly apply.

2 Days- $1900

Advanced Classic Lash Training- This training course is designed for students with previous classic lash experience wanting to fine tune their application, mapping skills, and perfect their work. 

1 Day- $1400

Begginers Volume Lash Training-  This training course is an advanced technique designed for students who have been previously trained in the classic lash technique and wanting to advance to volume lashes. The Volume Lash course will cover all of the fundamentals volume lashes and how to create prefect fans.

2 Days- $1900

Advanced Volume Lash Training- This training course is designed for students with previous volume lash experience wanting to advance to the mega-volume technique, fine tune their application, design skills, and prefect their work. 

1 Day- $1400

*Small Group Training and rates available upon request. 

Group Training

2 days- $1600

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